BENCH BED BY RACHEL RAY - Elegant Home | البيت الأنيق , Jeddah, Riyadh


SKU: CRM R1013-60CL-R1013B

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This completely new concept piece has been nicknamed the “Mur-Ray Bed” after its creators, Rachael Ray and Michael Murray, general manager of Racheal Ray Home. It features two pieces- a sleeper bench and a back that attaches at the bottom. It was designed to offer a sleeper alternative in compact living spaces, and can also serve as a banquette for dining, a hall piece, or an accent piece in any area of the home. Available in both standard and memory foam mattresses, the sleeper is full size, and features our standard high quality mechanism. Bench seat with Rachael's exclusive Comfort Coil seat cushion, and 5 accent pillows standard as shown. 


Dimensions: 160W X 86D X 48H for the seat (CM)